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Quail Springs has raised $240,000 to date. You've helped us buy 270 acres of land.


We only have $160,000 remaining to pay off the land.

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We offer experiences that cultivate hope and real solutions for a socially and ecologically equitable world community.

How we do this

  • Our programs inspire hundreds of students every year to be leaders in creating regenerative, ecologically abundant and culturally vibrant communities.
  • Our students go on to design resilient projects all over the world that are steeped in social and environmental justice.
  • We teach solutions-based, hope-oriented tools for regenerating natural habitats, restoring watersheds, and crafting sustainable human settlements.
  • We proactively work to expand our diversity, relevance, and accessibility to support all students in learning here through our scholarship program.

Quail Springs changes lives. Here's what one student had to say:

"Just a quick email to say that I think about you and Quail Springs so very frequently. My mind, heart and psyche/soul are forever transformed by my experience there ... I found my people, my tribe at the PDC course".

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