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“Everything I do affects the earth in a way – and I am the one who can choose whether that effect is positive or negative” (Adriana, Sustainable Vocations youth program graduate, 2018).



Why it’s a great idea to support Quail Springs

  • Your investment in our programs and land stewardship projects contribute to life-giving natural capital and community resilience that will last for generations.
  • Our programs inspire hundreds of students every year to be leaders in creating regenerative, ecologically abundant and culturally vibrant communities.
  • Our students go on to design resilient projects all over the world that are steeped in social and environmental justice.
  • We proactively work to expand our diversity, relevance, and accessibility to support all students in learning here through our scholarship program.
  • Quail Springs is advancing sustainable groundwater policy to protect vital water resources for local communities
  • Quail Springs is working to legalize affordable, natural, non-toxic housing

None of this is possible without our circle of supporters! Without you!

Your donations ensure that students of all backgrounds can attend our programming. You can help us with our project budget – Quail is renovating our renowned water and energy systems. You can help us progress natural building codes. You can help us protect the dropping groundwater resources of the Cuyama Valley. The more donations we bring in – the more we can accomplish, the more social and environmental justice leaders we can send out into the world.