Quail Springs Capital Campaign

Quail Springs at the Crossroads


In 2004, Quail Springs Permaculture secured 450 acres of land in the Cuyama Valley, with the generous support of a 12-year, zero-interest loan from a local family foundation. It is now time to repay our benefactors. We have a wonderful opportunity to more permanently secure this land for future generations.

The Quail Springs Capital Campaign to Own the Land and Build the Future

We are at vital crossroads as a community in securing the 450-acre canyon of Quail Springs, that for the past twelve years has been serving as an innovative land stewardship demonstration site. Today, the life-giving springs are rejuvenating, even amidst the drought here in California, and countless people are being inspired around the world by this dynamic learning village that continues to plant seeds of hope towards an equitable and resilient future, through life-affirming youth mentorship, permaculture education, practical life experience, and community collaboration.

We are humbly asking that you please join with us in ensuring that this special land is preserved

and that our fruitful work continues on for a time beyond our own

Seeds for the next Generation is our two-phase capital campaign. In Phase I, we need to raise $400k for our 450-acres (or $888 an acre), to pay off our loan for the land that comes due January 15, 2016.

In Phase II, we will be raising $968k to enhance our vital infrastructure and build an essential multipurpose demonstration building.

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Quail Springs is a project of the True Nature Society, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations made are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Tax ID Number: 38-3692928. All donations receive a receipt with our deepest gratitude. 

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